About Turnpike Trails

Turnpike Trails is a conservation and recreation initiative started in 2019 to protect a key “green corridor” off Route 47 in Francestown, generally sitting centrally among existing Crotched Mountain, Shattuck Pond, and Dinsmore Brook conserved lands. A key objective of this project is to develop a recreational trail system, oriented toward mountain biking but also suitable for walking, that will be available to the public as well as serve to connect these large conserved areas. A second objective is to protect and document the unique history of these properties in and around the discontinued portion of the 2nd NH Turnpike in Francestown, properties that in the late 1800s all belonged to Thomas E. Fisher, a prominent early town resident. The project is a partnership involving the town Conservation Commission, the Francestown Land Trust, and Jim and Cindy St. Jean.